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Figures for D'Agati et al., 2019

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Fig. S3

Embryo-wide, non-autonomous perturbation of embryo development upon notochord-specific overexpression of individual developmental RTK genes. (A-D) Representative Tg(col2a1aR2:KalTA4) embryos injected with individual UAS constructs for different chordoma-implicated RTK genes; numbers depict observed phenotype versus phenotypically normalappearing embryos in a representative experiment (n=3). Notochord specific overexpression of zebrafish pdgfra (A), c-kit (B), fgfr3 (C), and fgfr4 (D) leads to severe body axis truncation and aberrant development of cardiovascular and craniofacial structures (A, C, D: 5 dpf, B: 3 dpf). Transgenic markers: myl7:EGFP for col2a1aR2:KalTA4, cryaa:Venus for injected UAS plasmids. Scale: 500 μm. See also Figure 3.

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