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Figures for D'Agati et al., 2019

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Fig. S1

Activity of Tg(col2a1a:KalTA4) at later developmental stages and adults (A-C) col2a1aR2:Kal4TA4 activity shown by crossed-in UAS:Kaede expression (green fluorescence). (A) Ventral view showing the developing jaw cartilage and pectoral fins at 5 dpf. (B) Dorsal view showing activity in otic vesicle cartilage and pectoral fins at 5 dpf. (C) Lateral view of the craniofacial cartilage expressing col2a1aR2:KalTA4 at 5 dpf. Asterisk marks the heart labelled with myl7:EGFP as transgenesis marker. See also Figure 1

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