Fig. 6

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Fig. 6

Hair cell activity influences mitochondrial turnover.

(A, B) Maximum projections of mitoEos red fluorescence 8 and 16 hr after photoconversion in wildtype and sputnik fish crossed to Tg[myo6b:mitoEos]w207. (C) Mean red fluorescence decreases over time in both wildtype and mutant fish. WT/Het: 8 hr, 3696 ± 1083; 16 hr, 2257 ± 604; Mutant: 8 hr, 2942 ± 878; 16 hr, 721 ± 262, mean ± SD. (D) The loss of red fluorescence is significantly greater in mutant animals. WT/Het: 38.9 ± 16.4; Mutant: 75.5 ± 8.9; mean (% lost)±SD. n = 9 fish per group. Value for each fish represents the mean of 3 neuromasts. Significance analyzed by Mann-Whitney U test. Scale bar = 5 μm.

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