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Figures for Joshi et al., 2018



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Fig. 1

Phenotype of chatatk64.

Wild-type embryo (A), chatatk64 mutant 3 hours after de-chorionation (B) and immediately after de-chorionation (C). Note that (B) is indistinguishable from (A). Birefringence is similar in wild-type (D) and chatatk64 mutant (E). Immunohistochemistry with phalloidin (red) marking F-actin, and α-actinin (green) (F, G), β-sarcoglycan (H, I) and α-bungarotoxin (J, K) do not reveal differences between wild-type (G, I, K) and chatatk64 mutant (F, H, J) at 48 hpf.

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