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Figures for Nguyen-Chi et al., 2017

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Fig. S6

Effect of tnfa morpholino on caudal fin regeneration (a) Fin images are representative transmitted light images of Ctrl morphants and tnfa morphants at 3dpA. (b) Corresponding regenerated fin length (mean ±s.e.m. from three independent experiments, ***P<0.001). (c) Schematic representation of the parabiosis experiment using tnfa MO or WT (CTRL) and Tg(mpeg1:GAL4/UAS:NTR-mCherry). Parabiotic larvae were treated with MTZ at 48 hpf and the caudal fin of Tg(mpeg1:GAL4/UAS:NTR-mCherry) was amputated at 3 dpf. (d) Representative fin images of mCherry fluorescence merged with transmitted channel at 6 hpA show NTRmCherry+ macrophages that are mainly depleted. White arrowheads show residual fluorescence in cells or cell fragments. (e) Fin images are representative transmitted light images at 3 dpA in tnfa morphants and CTRL. (f) Corresponding quantification of the regenerated fin length in indicated conditions (Nlarvae=8-10 mean ± s.e.m., *P<0.05). In (a, d and e) dotted lines outline the fin, dashed arrows indicate the position of the initial transection. Scale bars = 100 μm.

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