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Fig. 1

S1pr2/Gα13 signaling is required for the migration, but not differentiation, of endocardial precursors. (A-D) Projections of four single XY confocal Z-planes of 26 hpf-Tg(myl7: memGFP/kdrl: mCherry) embryos raised at 28.5 °C, showing the myocardium (green) and endothelial cells (magenta). Arrows indicate the presumptive endocardium among the endothelial cells, which formed inside of cardiac population in control embryos (A), but outside of cardiac population in the mutant (B, C). (E) Frequencies of heart defects in 26-hpf embryos injected with gna13a/b MO, s1pr2 MO, or s1pr2 MO and a human Gα13 RNA (GNA13) raised at 28.5 °C, as assessed by epifluorescence imaging. *, P<0.01. Bars indicate the mean±s.e.m. (F-K) Expression of nfatc1 and cdh5, as detected by whole-mount in situ hybridization (ISH), in control, mil mutant, and gna13a/b MO-injected embryos. White arrowheads: endocardial populations. All images are dorsoanterior views with anterior up. Scale bars: 100 µm.

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