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Figures for Lovely et al., 2016


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Fig. 1

The reception of Bmp signaling is temporally distinct between the endoderm and CNCCs. (A-K) Confocal images of endoderm (sox17:dsred) and Bmp-responsive cells (BRE:d2GFP) at the indicated stages of zebrafish development. (E-K) Orthogonal (yz-axis) views of A (E,F), B (G,H), C (I,J) and D (K). (L-S) Confocal images of CNCCs (sox10:mRFP) and Bmp-responsive cells (BRE:d2GFP). (P-S) Orthogonal views of L-O. Arrows indicate overlap between transgene expression; arrowheads denote lack of overlap. The endoderm is Bmp responsive by 14hpf (A-A′′) and this overlap persists to 26hpf (B-D′′), but only in the most posterior cells. The ventral CNCCs do not become Bmp responsive until after 18hpf (L-S). (A-D′′,L-O′′) Lateral views, anterior to the left. Scale bars: 50┬Ám.

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