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Fig. 1

Expression of unc45b mRNA in muscle mutants. unc45b mRNA expression in wild-type sibling (a) and unc45b mutant (b) embryos. unc45b mRNA expression in wild-type sibling (c) and sop mutant (d) embryos with a defective delta subunit of acetylcholine receptor. unc45b mRNA expression in wild-type sibling (e) and ache mutant (f) embryos encoding a defective acetylcholine esterase. unc45b mRNA expression in control (g) and titin morphant (h) embryos. With the exception of unc45b mutants (b) with a myosin folding defect, none of the other mutants with impaired muscle function (d, f, h) showed up-regulation of unc45b mRNA. Embryos were hybridized to unc45b antisense RNA. All embryos are 72 h old; anterior left, dorsal up. i Myosin content in different mutants compared with wild type. Western blot done with protein extracts from embryos 72 hours post-fertilization: titin mutant (hel-/-), unc45b mutant (unc45b-/-), hsp90a mutant (hsp90a-/-) and wild type (WT). Antibodies: F59 recognizing slow myosin, and γ-tubulin as a loading control

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