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Figures for Etard et al., 2015

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Fig. S5

aTg(-505/-310 (unc45b)gata2:gfp) embryos were injected with hsp90a morpholinos (hsp90a-mo) or with hsp90a-mo together with a mix of CRISPR RNA directed against hsf1 and cas9 mRNA (hsp90a-mo + guide hsf1). We note a decrease of GFP in the hsf1/hsp90a double knock-down compared with the hsp90a single morphant. b-b′ Injection of the plasmid encoding a Hsf1-mOrange fusion protein does not activate the unc45b promoter. Expression of TFP reporter in hsf1-morange injected embryos (+hsf1:morange) (a, b) is as high as in uninjected tg(1.8unc45b:tfp) embryos (cont) (a). c-h′ Heat shock triggers unc45b up-regulation. -505/-310(unc45b)gata2:gfp injected embryos (c, d, c′, d′), Tg(-505/-310 (unc45b)gata2:gfp) (e, f, e′, f′) and tg(-1.8unc45b:tfp) (g, h, g′, h′) transgenic embryos were raised at 28 °C until 48 hpf and heat shock at 37 °C for 12 hours (d, d′, f, f′, h, h′). Embryos shown in (c, c′, e, e, g, g′) were kept at 28 °C. The heat shock embryos show up-regulation of GFP in skeletal and cardiac muscles, demonstrating that the regulatory sequences of unc45b react to heat shock.

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