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Fig. S3

Summary of the transgenes used to map the regulatory elements mediating the misfolded myosin response A-B: tg(-1.8unc45b:tfp) (“1”) and its deletion derivatives were expressed transiently (trs) or as transgenesstably integrated into the genome (stb). By serial deletion analysis 645 bp upstream of the ATG of unc45bwas identified to still drive basal muscle expression and respond to unc45b deficiency (B). Furthertruncation of the unc45b sequences to the region from -369 bp to +390 bp abolished the response.C-E: Refined analysis of the unc45b regulatory sequences contained in tg(-645/+533unc45b:tfp). Theunc45b deletion fragments were cloned in front of the gata2 promoter (blue bars). Transgenes containingthe 195 bp fragment (“16”, D) harboring sequences from -505 to -310 drove GFP expression in skeletalmuscle (D, cont) and reacted to the accumulation of unfolded myosin (D, +unc45b-mo). Deletion constructs12-20 retained basal muscle expression and responded to misfolded myosin. In contrast, constructs 21-24give no GFP expression (see E).Further mutations of the 195 bp unc45b fragment separates the regulatory sequences responsible for basalmuscle expression and the response to misfolded myosin. Construct 28 drove basal GFP expression inskeletal muscles but did not respond when co-injected with the unc45b-mo (G). Construct 30 (55 bp)reacted similarly (H). These constructs retained a binding site of the Mef2 transcription factor. Constructs 31-37 lack the muscle basal expression but still respond to misfolded myosin (I). Thus, the region from -445 to -425 is important to mediate the response. This region contains a homology to the heat shock responseelement (HSE, J). The HSE was mutated by introduction of 4 point mutations (asterisks J, F, I) in constructs “26”, “38”, “41” and “42”. Mutation of the HSE leads to loss of the misfolded myosin response. Abbreviations:ME: muscle expression. The numbers above constructs indicate position relative to the ATG of unc45b.

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