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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-150601-79
Figures for Lin et al., 2015


Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 2

Effects of morpholino knockdown of zAE1b on neuromast hair cell.

Double staining of zAE1b (red; A-C) and parvalbumin (Par; green; B, D) antibodies was conducted in control (Con; A, B) and morpholino knockdown (MO; C, D) 3 dpf larvae. B and D: merged images of zAE1b and Par protein signals. (E) The Ca2+ influx of neuromast hair cells in zAE1b morpholino knockdown larvae was significantly decreased. Data are presented as the mean ± SE. *Significant difference (Student’s t test, p<0.05). Numbers in parentheses are numbers of neuromasts.

Figure Data:
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