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Figures for Heim et al., 2014

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Fig. 3

buc transgenes without introns disrupt egg polarity and follicle cell fates. (A-K) Dissecting microscope images. (A-E) The sibling in A shows normal egg polarity at high stage, whereas cytoplasm (black arrows) around the circumference of siblings in B indicates lack of egg polarity. (C) cbuc80 transgenic progeny resemble WT (yellow asterisks) or lack polarity (blue asterisks); high stage. (D) WT eggs (yellow arrow) have a single micropyle, whereas (E) there are multiple micropyles on the eggshells of progeny lacking egg polarity (n=1439 eggs), but not on eggs with polarity (n=2349). Homozygous WT (F) or buc/+ heterozygous (G) females lacking the cbuc80 transgene produce progeny with normal AnVg polarity, whereas (I,J) sibling WT and buc/+ females with cbuc80 produce progeny without AnVg polarity (blue asterisks). (H) buc mutants lack AnVg polarity (K) even when cbuc80 is present. (L) Quantification of phenotypes according to genotype and transgene status. Each bar represents individual F1 or F2 females. The numbers correspond to the gel in supplementary material Fig. S4. X, not in gel. (M) Quantification of egg phenotypes of cbuc progeny of F1 females.

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