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Figures for West et al., 2014

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Fig. 1 Autofluorescent nodules in Danio rerio. Microscopy demonstrates fluorescent nodules in healthy appearing zebrafish and fish displaying pathologic features. (A) WIK strain fish with brightfield illumination showing normal body contour and pigment and no wasting. (B) Fluorescent microscopy of this fish using green filter settings (emission spectrum 500–550 nm) reveals autofluorescent nodules throughout the animal. (C) Same fish imaged using red filter settings (575–625 nm). Red autofluorescent nodules coincide with locations of green lesions. (D) WIK strain fish shown with brightfield illumination demonstrate abnormal spine curvature, hypopigmentation, and wasting. (E) Identical fish imaged using green filter (500–550 nm) show abundant autofluorescent lesions. (F) Same fish imaged with red filter (575–625 nm) show autofluorescence at identical locations as green fluorescent nodules.

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