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Figures for Blanco et al., 2014

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Fig. S13 Hair bundle localization of USH2 Proteins is compromised in cdh23, ush1c, and ift88 mutants. (A-L) Phalloidin labeling (green) and immunolabeling (red) of USH2 proteins in (A-C) wild-type siblings or (D-F) cdh23, (G-I) ush1c, or (J-L) ift88 mutants with antibodies against Ush2a (A,D,G,J), Gpr98 (B,E,H,K), or Whirlinb (C,F,I,L). All images are single confocal sections at the level of the mechanoreceptor. Yellow arrowheads indicate stereociliary localization of USH2 protein. Asterisks indicate kinociliary localization of USH2 protein. White arrows (F) indicate hair bundles lacking Whirlinb in the cdh23 mutant. Scale bar: 5 ┬Ám.

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