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Figures for Blanco et al., 2014

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Fig. S8 Proximity ligation control: Assay of nonspecific binding between proximity ligation probes in the absence of one of the primary antibodies during the reaction in WT conditions. (A,D,G,J,K,M,P) The proximity ligation reaction was performed with only one primary antibody: Goat anti-Cdh23 (A), rabbit anti-Harmonin (D), goat anti-Harmonin (G), rabbit anti-Ift88 (J), mouse anti-Myo7a (K), goat anti-Sec13 (M), or rabbit anti-Sec23 (P). (B,E,H,N,Q) single DIC channel showing a lateral view of the anterior macula. (C,F,I,L,O,R) Merged panels. Nonspecific signal was detected when only one primary antibody was added to the reaction. Scale bar: 5┬Ám.

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