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Figures for Drummond et al., 2013


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Fig. 5

Gene expression changes upon Zic2 knockdown can be rescued by RA treatment and is mimicked by Aldh1a2 knockdown. mRNA in situ analysis of meis3(A-D, I-J), hoxd4a(E-H, K-L) and aldh1a2(M-N). Uninjected embryos were treated with DMSO (A, E) or 5 nm RA (B, F) and compared to Zic2a;Zic2bMO-injected embryos treated with DMSO (C, G) or 5 nm RA (D, H). The decrease in meis3 and hoxd4a observed in Zic morpholino-injected embryos is rescued by treatment with 5 nm RA. Aldh1a2MO-injected embryos (J, L) show a decrease in meis3 and hoxd4a when compared to controls (I, K). In cyp26a1 (giraffe) mutants (N), aldh1a2 levels remain unchanged compared to WT siblings (M). Images are dorsal views of 10.5 hpf (A-L) and 8 hpf (M-N) embryos oriented with anterior to the top.

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