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Figures for Schepis et al., 2012

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Fig. 8

Blebbing triggered by αE-catenin depletion is E-cadherin dependent. (A) Selected confocal images from time-lapse movies of transplanted ctnna morphant cells expressing mbGFP in the most external epiblast external layer of the host cdh1 morphant embryos at 50% epiboly. Scale bar: 5 μm. (B) Confocal images from time-lapse movies at the most external epiblast layer of the animal pole of live embryos at 50% epiboly. Membranes are labeled with mbGFP. Arrows indicate membrane blebs. Embryos were co-injected with cdh1 and ctnna mo. Scale bar: 8 μm. (C) Percentage of cells exhibiting bleb-like protrusions. n=12 embryos. *P<10–5. Error bars indicate s.e.m. (D) Average number of blebs per cell. n=12 embryos. *P<10–8. Error bars indicate s.e.m.

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