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Figures for Wada et al., 2010

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Fig. 1 Opercular lateral line system in zebrafish embryos at 4 dpf. (A) Distribution of cranial neuromasts labeled with DiAsp, showing the outlined opercle (Op) and the operculum indicated by a dotted line. (B) Skeletal elements are visualized by Alcian blue and Alizarin red staining. Inset shows a confocal image of the operculum doubly stained with DiAsp and Calcein. (C) Staining with anti-acetylated tubulin antibody reveals the nerve projection. The opercle and its associated muscles are outlined by dotted lines. (D) Schematic drawing of the opercular structures. Hm, hyomandibular; ff, facial nerve foramen; do, dilator operculi; ao, adductor operculi; nVII, facial nerve; nAVm, mandibular ramus of the anteroventral lateral line nerve; nAVop, opercular ramus of the anteroventral lateral line nerve; nOP2, ramus projecting to the developing OP2. Lateral views; anterior is to the left. Scale bars: 50 μm.

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