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Figures for Toro et al., 2009


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Fig. 4 Genes expressed in adult hypothalamic–pituitary axis. (A–H) Genes isolated in the hypothalamic library expressed in the adult. (A–D) kctd4 and psd3l were expressed in adult telencephalon and hypothalamus corresponding to the expression domains we found in 1–5 day old larvae (Fig. 2E–H and P–S). (E and F) In contrast, nppcl was not expressed in the hypothalamus between 1 d and 5 d; however, we found expression in a distinct set of cells in the adult hypothalamus. (G and H) The novel gene uo:ion006 was not expressed in embryonic and larval tissues at all, however, we detected hypothalamic expression in the adult. (I–P) We made similar observations for the pituitary library: (I–L) genes such as uo:ion002 and uo:ion003 that were expressed in the embryonic larval HP were also found in the adult pituitary (I and J) or hypothalamus and pituitary (K and L). (M–P) pncr2 that was not detected in embryonic and larval HP, or nms that was not detected in embryos and larvae at all, were both detected in adult HP (M and N) and adult pituitary (O and P). (A–P) 15 μm, sagittal sections of the adult brain, anterior left, dorsal up. (A, C, E, G, I, K, M, O) scale bar 1 mm; (B, D, F, H, J, L, N, P) scale bar 500 μm.

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