ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENE-980526-426
Gene Name: Fli-1 proto-oncogene, ETS transcription factor
Gene Symbol: fli1    Nomenclature History

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Previous Names: fli-1, fli1, fli1a, fli, cb855 (1), wu:fc45b11

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Gene Type: protein_coding_gene
Location: Chr: 18 Mapping Details/Browsers
Description: Predicted to have DNA-binding transcription factor activity, RNA polymerase II-specific. Involved in angiogenesis and positive regulation of DNA-binding transcription factor activity. Predicted to localize to nucleus. Is expressed in several structures, including angioblastic mesenchymal cell; cardiovascular system; hematopoietic system; mesoderm; and pharyngeal arch. Human ortholog(s) of this gene implicated in blood platelet disease and thrombocytopenia. Orthologous to human FLI1 (Fli-1 proto-oncogene, ETS transcription factor).
Genome Resources: Alliance (1),  Gene:30619 (1),  Ensembl(GRCz11):ENSDARG00000054632 (2)
Note: This gene is orthologous to Fli-1 proto-oncogene, ETS transcription factor, but analyses indicate that the ancestral gene was duplicated prior to the divergence of ray- and lobe-fin fishes and not the result of the WGD event in the ray-fin fishes, so the gene name has been updated to fli1.
All Expression Data: 176 figures from 121 publications
Directly Submitted Expression Data: 5 figures (18 images) from Thisse et al., 2001 [cb855]
Wild-type Stages, Structures: Segmentation:1-4 somites (10.33h-11.66h) to Larval:Day 4 (96.0h-120.0h)
High Throughput Expression: GEO (1) Expression Atlas (1)
Allele Type Localization Consequence Mutagen Suppliers
cig7Tg Transgenic Insertion Unknown Unknown DNA_AND_CRISPR
is10Gt Transgenic Insertion Intron 3 Unknown DNA
sa43180 Point Mutation Unknown Premature Stop ENU
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  • Sequence Targeting Reagents
    Targeting Reagent Created Alleles Publications
    CRISPR1-fli1 1
    MO1-fli1 N/A 1
    MO2-fli1 N/A 3
    Data: Fig. S4 from Liu et al., 2008
    Observed in:
    Disease Ontology Term Multi-Species Data OMIM Term OMIM Phenotype ID
    Bleeding disorder, platelet-type, 21 617443
    Ontology GO Term
    Biological Process angiogenesis (more)
    Cellular Component host cell nucleus (more)
    Molecular Function DNA binding (more)
    GO Terms (all 12)
    PROTEIN FAMILIES, DOMAINS AND SITES No links to external sites available
    Type Name Length (nt) Analysis
    mRNA fli1a-201 (1)    Ensembl 2973
    fli1a-202 (1)    Ensembl 638
    fli1a-203 (1)    Ensembl 577
    fli1a-204 (1)    Ensembl 601
    Browsers: UCSCNCBIEnsemblZFIN
    ANTIBODIES No data available
    Construct Regulatory Regions Coding Sequences Species Tg Lines Publications
    Tg(fabp2:NLS-mCherry,fli1:iRFP) fabp2fli1 mCherryNLSRFP Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1-hsp70l:EGFP) fli1hsp70l EGFP Danio rerio 1 3
    Tg(fli1-hsp70l:NLS-mCherry) fli1hsp70l mCherryNLS Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1.ep:DsRedEx) fli1 DsRedx Danio rerio 1 40
    Tg(fli1.ep:ERT2-Cre-ERT2) fli1 CreERT2 Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1: GAL4-VP16-Bmo.EcR) fli1 GAL4VP16 Bombyx moriDanio rerio 1 4
    Tg(fli1:acvrl1-MYC) fli1 acvrl1 Danio rerio 1 3
    Tg(fli1:Cre) fli1 Cre Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:Cre-ERT2) fli1 CreERT2 Danio rerio 1 4
    Tg(fli1:dCas9,cryaa:Cerulean) cryaafli1 CeruleandCas9 Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:dCas9-ENR,myl7:EGFP) fli1myl7 EGFPENR Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:DsRedx) fli1 DsRedx Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:EGFP) fli1 EGFP Danio rerio 3 1286
    Tg(fli1:EGFP,mCherry-UTR-pik3r1) fli1 EGFPmCherrypik3r1 Danio rerio 1 2
    Tg(fli1:EGFP,myl7:mCherry) fli1myl7 EGFPmCherry Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:EGFP-CAAX) fli1 CAAXEGFP Danio rerio 1 2
    Tg(fli1:EGFP-cldn5b) fli1 cldn5bEGFP Danio rerio 1 2
    Tg(fli1:EGFP-Hsa.CDC42) fli1 EGFP Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 9
    Tg(fli1:EGFP-Hsa.YAP1) fli1 EGFP Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 3
    Tg(fli1:EGFP-rap1b) fli1 EGFPrap1b Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:EGFPF) fli1 EGFP Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:eng-EGFP) fli1 EGFPeng Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:flt4-2A-mCherry) fli1 2Aflt4mCherry Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:GAL4) fli1 GAL4 Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:GAL4-dnHsa.TEAD2-2A-mCherry) fli1 2AGAL4mCherry Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 1
    Tg(fli1:GAL4-Hsa.ELK1-2A-mCherry) fli1 2AGAL4mCherry Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 1
    Tg(fli1:GAL4-Hsa.TCF7L2-2A-mCherry) fli1 GAL4mCherry Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 5
    Tg(fli1:GAL4-Hsa.TEAD2-2A-mCherry) fli1 2AGAL4mCherry Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 2
    Tg(fli1:GAL4-VP16,myl7:EGFP) fli1myl7 EGFPGAL4VP16 Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:GAL4FF) fli1 GAL4FF Danio rerio 3 63
    Tg(fli1:H2B-mCherry) fli1 mCherry Danio rerio 1 2
    Tg(fli1:h2bc1-mCherry) fli1 h2bc1mCherry Danio rerio 1 3
    Tg(fli1:hand2-2A-mCherry) fli1 2Ahand2mCherry Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:hs3st1l1,EGFP) fli1 EGFPhs3st1l1 Danio rerio 1 2
    Tg(fli1:Hsa.ACTN-EGFP) fli1 EGFP Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 1
    Tg(fli1:Hsa.AKT-EGFP,MA-mCherry) fli1 EGFPmCherry Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 2
    Tg(fli1:Hsa.B4GALT1-mCherry) fli1 mCherry Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 3
    Tg(fli1:Hsa.DCX-EGFP) fli1 EGFP Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 1
    tg(fli1:hsa.histh2bj-gfp) fli1 GFP Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 1
    Tg(fli1:Hsa.PLCD1-RFP) fli1 RFP Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 1
    Tg(fli1:KikGR) fli1 KikGR Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:klf2b-2A-tdTomato) fli1 2Aklf2bTomato Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:LIFEACT-EGFP) fli1 EGFP Danio rerio 1 7
    Tg(fli1:LIFEACT-mCherry) fli1 LIFEACTmCherry Danio rerio 1 6
    Tg(fli1:LIFEACT-mClover) fli1 LIFEACTmClover Danio rerio 1 3
    Tg(fli1:LOXP-Cerulean-Hsa.HIST1H2BJ-LOXP,mCherry) fli1 CeruleanLOXPmCherry Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 2
    Tg(fli1:mAGFP-gmnn) fli1 gmnnmAGFP Danio rerio 2 1
    Tg(fli1:mCherry) fli1 mCherry Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:MYR-EGFP) fli1 EGFPMYR Danio rerio 1 6
    Tg(fli1:MYR-mCherry) fli1 mCherry Danio rerio 1 19
    Tg(fli1:nEGFP) fli1 EGFPNLS Danio rerio 1 158
    Tg(fli1:NLS-mCherry) fli1 mCherryNLS Danio rerio 1 6
    Tg(fli1:nrg2a-2A-Tomato) fli1 2Anrg2aTomato Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:pecam1-EGFP) fli1 EGFPpecam1 Danio rerio 1 3
    Tg(fli1:RFP) fli1 RFP Danio rerio 1 3
    Tg(fli1:RFP-CAAX) fli1 RFP Danio rerio 2 7
    Tg(fli1:slc16a2-EGFP) fli1 EGFPslc16a2 Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg(fli1:Tomato-2A-hhex) fli1 2AhhexTomato Danio rerio 1 1
    tg(fli1:zgc:114046-egfp) fli1 EGFPzgc:114046 Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg1(fli1:mCherry) fli1 mCherry Danio rerio 0 1
    tg2(fli1:caax-egfp) fli1 CAAXEGFP Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg2(fli1:GAL4-Hsa.TEAD2-2A-mCherry) fli1 2AGAL4mCherry Danio rerioHomo sapiens 1 1
    Tg2(fli1:LIFEACT-EGFP) fli1 EGFPLIFEACT Danio rerio 1 2
    Tg2(fli1:LIFEACT-mCherry) fli1 LIFEACTmCherry Danio rerio 1 1
    Tg2(fli1:mCherry) fli1 mCherry Danio rerio 1 2
    Tg3(fli1:LIFEACT-EGFP) fli1 EGFPLIFEACT Danio rerio 1 3
    Tg3(fli1:mCherry) fli1 mCherry Danio rerio 1 1
    fli1 Contained in: [BAC] CH211-244H7 (1)
    fli1 Contains: [STS] chunp30691
    fli1 Encodes: [EST] cb855 (1) (order this), fc45b11
    [cDNA] MGC:77011 (1)
    Type Accession # Length (nt/aa) Analysis
    RNA RefSeq:NM_131348 (1) 3050 nt
    Genomic GenBank:CR786562 (1) 144824 nt
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    Polypeptide UniProtKB:A0A2R8QGN6 (1) 460 aa
    Sequence Information (all 43)
    ORTHOLOGY for fli1 ( Chr: 18 )
    CITATIONS (1536)