ZFIN ID: ZDB-FISH-150901-4264
Fish name: gmpss850/s850; lri1Tg
Genotype: gmpss850/s850; lri1Tg
Targeting Reagent: none
HUMAN DISEASE MODELED by gmpss850/s850; lri1Tg
No data available
Gene expression in gmpss850/s850; lri1Tg
RNA expression No data available
Protein expression No data available
Reporter gene expression
Expressed Gene Structure Conditions Figures
GFP control Fig. 1 with imageFig. 4 with imageFig. S1 from Nussbaum et al., 2013
chemical treatment: pharmaceutical Fig. 4 with image from Nussbaum et al., 2013
Phenotype in gmpss850/s850; lri1Tg
Phenotype Conditions Figures
liver decreased size, abnormal standard conditions Fig. S1 from Nussbaum et al., 2013