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Chen et al., 2019 - Zebrafish Klf4 maintains the ionocyte progenitor population by regulating epidermal stem cell proliferation and lateral inhibition. PLoS Genetics   15:e1008058 Full text @ PLoS Genet.
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Stage Range: Shield to 10-13 somites

Fig 1 Klf4 protein expression pattern and colocalization of Klf4/p63 and Klf4/<italic>dlc</italic> during late gastrulation and early somite stages.

(A) Klf4 is expressed in the epiblast of the deep cell layer (DEL), yolk syncytial layer (YSL), and enveloping layer cells (EVL) of 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% epiboly embryos. Insets show respective XZ or YZ projections of confocal images from an 80% epiboly embryo along the axes shown in the main panel (d). Klf4 is expressed in the ectoderm and EVL of bud (tb), 5s and 10s embryos. (B) Images of p63 expression during different embryonic developmental stages are shown (a-d). Colocalization of Klf4 and p63 was detected in ventral ectoderm of embryos at various stages, including 90% epiboly, bud, 5s and 10s (e-h). Enlargements of Klf4 and p63 merged images (e-h) are shown from the areas indicated in lower magnification images (a-d). Percentage of colocalization of Klf4 and p63 in respective stage is indicated within each panel. Some non-colocalized cells showing only expression of Klf4 (arrowhead) or p63 (arrow) were observed in the ventral ectoderm of embryos at 5s and 10s. Insets show YZ projections of confocal images. (C) Images of wild-type embryos stained with anti-Klf4 antibody and dlc antisense RNA at 90% epiboly, bud and 5s stages are shown. Enlargements of merged images (d, h, l) show the areas indicated in corresponding lower magnification pictures (c, g, k). Insets show YZ projections from confocal images. Arrowheads indicate examples of ionocyte progenitors with colocalized Klf4 and dlc in the epidermal ionocyte domain. Arrows indicate ionocyte progenitors expressing only dlc. dlc+ ionocyte progenitor number at indicated embryonic stages is shown (m). Scale bar, 50 μm. Error bars indicate standard error.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
dlc WT standard conditions 90%-epiboly ectoderm ISH
Bud ectoderm ISH
5-9 somites ectoderm ISH
klf4 WT standard conditions Shield epiblast IHC
Shield EVL IHC
Shield yolk syncytial layer IHC
75%-epiboly epiblast IHC
75%-epiboly EVL IHC
75%-epiboly yolk syncytial layer IHC
90%-epiboly epiblast IHC
90%-epiboly EVL IHC
90%-epiboly yolk syncytial layer IHC
Bud ectoderm IHC
Bud periderm IHC
5-9 somites ectoderm IHC
5-9 somites periderm IHC
10-13 somites ectoderm IHC
10-13 somites periderm IHC
tp63 WT standard conditions 90%-epiboly ectoderm IHC
Bud ectoderm IHC
5-9 somites ectoderm IHC
10-13 somites ectoderm IHC
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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