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Vinberg et al., 2017 - The Na+/Ca2+, K+ exchanger NCKX4 is required for efficient cone-mediated vision.. eLIFE   6 Full text @ Elife
Anatomical Term:
Stage: Adult

Fig. 10

NCKX4 is expressed in the outer segments of zebrafish and non-human primate cones.

Immunostaining of NCKX4 in the vertical sections of zebrafish (top) and macaque (bottom) retinas (photoreceptors on the top). Nuclei (DNA, cyan), cone photoreceptors (PNA, red), and NCKX4 (green) staining. Insets show larger magnification immunostaining of cones in the photoreceptor layer. Scale bar = 50 μm.

Gene Expression DetailsNo data available
Antibody Labeling Details
Antibody Assay Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy
Ab1-slc24a4 IHC WT standard conditions Adult photoreceptor outer segment layer
Phenotype Details No data available
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